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Affiliate Member

$250.00 / year

Network with some of the most successful Realtors in the luxury real estate market. Affiliate Members are not Realtors, but work in an industry that compliments the luxury real estate market, such as Title Rep, Mortgage Lender, or Interior Designer.

As an affiliate member you have access to advertise your services to the Realtor members in a limited capacity. You are welcome and encouraged to attend the tours. Please be mindful of the following restrictions on your membership:

  • Affiliates are not permitted to tout.
  • Affiliate members are required to ride with a REALTORĀ® member of the tour.
  • Affiliates may not give a member their card or any material nor may they request a business card from a member of the tour without first being asked specifically for one by the member.

Realtor Member

$250.00 / year

Enhance your knowledge of the luxury market and achieve success in this highly competitive real estate industry. Realtor Members receive all of the benefits from the Luxury Home Tours including:

  • Sharing properties with an exclusive group of luxury market Realtors
  • Including your luxury property in LHT tours
  • Networking with other Realtors in the luxury home market
  • And more!